sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Paranoid Personality Disorder

People with PPD do not trust other people. In fact, the central characteristic of people with PPD is a high degree of mistrustfulness and suspicion when interacting with others. Even friendly gestures are often interpreted as being manipulative or malevolent. Whether the patterns of distrust and suspicion begin in childhood or in early adulthood, they quickly come to dominate the lives of those suffering from PPD. Such people are unable or afraid to form close relationships with others.

Now I wonder, is there a Paranoid Mexican Disorder? Who, in these days trust somebody, who has some degree of trust when interacting with others.  Specially friendly gestures from strangers often are interpreted as malevolent.  Or how should we think of eachother when all houses, cars, and possesions are locked up. As much as our personal information is however carefully hidden by every member of this country. Now streets are empty at night, and roads are isolated.    I will refrain my question, Is Paranoid Personality a disorder these days?

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