lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

a trip to the mind

I had this trip, I did not know if it was real, I thought it was just my imagination.. who knows, maybe I created it, maybe it is so perfect it can only be in my mind. But it wasn't, and for a moment there, when I knew it wouldn't last, I wished I wouldnt found it in the first place. It would only cause me sadness when its over, I thought. And I regret I lived that dream for it only brought me confusion and loneliness in the end... But now I think, this was maybe just a one time happening, one time in a lifetime.

And now I think I rather keep it, I rather keep this wonderful thing, even if it was only once in a lifetime. It is always better to have something to remember, even if its just a wave of something in a sea of nothingness.

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